Container Depot Division

Depot Activity :
- Storage ( Cap 5.500 teus )
- Repair & Maintenance
- Washing
- Isotank Facilities

Forwarding & Agency Division

Forwarding & Agency Activity :
- Export / Import
- Warehouse
- Customs Clearance
- Project Cargo
- Our Networks : Asia, Europe, USA


Trucking Activity :
Operates 50 up to 100 unit head                          truck & 110 chassis to support our                          and transport bussines.

- 10.000 sqm parking space area
- G- Track system
- Lane : Java, Sumatera

IT Division   

We are using advance technology information to manage and to support our operation for better services.

To complement those computer systems that are already put in place, Glorious constantly embarks on the integration of systems with customers, vendors and other statutory boards to provide information that is fast, accurate and reliable.

To match our customers' dynamic requirements with better quality service, we will continue to effectively harness the resources of information technology and establish host-to-host integration with our customers' IT systems.